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White-label exchange for trading digital assets

We look after all node patches and updates so there is no need for you to be involved in any way since they all come under the umbrella of our enterprise solution. Blockchain transactions are irreversible with the added benefit of no chargebacks, recurring fees nor hidden charges. A transparent service that is straightforward and completely independent. Hence, no third parties are involved in transactions and there is no need to depend on banks or governments.

White-label cryptocurrency exchange software is a pre-built software solution that allows businesses to launch a cryptocurrency exchange platform without having to develop the software from scratch. With white-label software, businesses can white label crypto exchange rebrand and customize the platform to meet their specific needs and requirements. White-label solutions are designed to be highly customizable and can be adapted to suit different trading volumes, features, and security requirements.

What is a Cryptocurrency exchange?

They are immutable, tamper-proof and allow for cryptographically secure data sharing. Smart contracts also allow for creating tradeable digital tokens and enabling a limitless set of business opportunities. A P2P platform combines the strengths of centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Bring automation to the process by connecting such solutions as SumSub or Identity Mind in order to avoid human labor in checking the documents. A Matching Engine is the core mechanic of a digital exchange which matches up bids and offers to execute trades. The algorithm keeps a record of all open orders in a market and generates new trades if the two orders can be fulfilled by each other.

Bestow a high-end revenue opportunity with White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Give your customers the power to trade and interact with over 800 cryptocurrencies in real-time. Tap into a rapidly growing market and earn a commission on every transaction made through your platform, with the flexibility to choose your commission rate from 0% to any percentage you like. Quick and easy integration, with average setup time of only 7 days, ensures seamless implementation.

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The Exchange should promote the opportunity to become an investor via blogs, youtube videos and email to those clients who are willing to earn by long-term movements. Chat or call a registered user if he failed to complete KYC or the deposit process. He already knows what his next step is i.e. to be an active trader, investor or algorithmic trader using API. You can start by using the blocks below and adapt it according to your vision.

Multiple OS Integration

Depending on the features you wish to include and whether you choose a simple or complicated user interface, there are numerous solutions accessible. In addition, your cryptocurrency app developer can offer an estimate based on their knowledge of your project and their experience. Our white label cryptocurrency exchange development solution has a self-explanatory, robust admin dashboard that enables customers to manage the platform and funds effectively. The best white label cryptocurrency exchange software offered at Antier Solutions is integrated with dedicatedly crafted referral and reward programs to enable users to earn when they bring in more users.

  • Cryptocurrency trading is one the emerging practice and concepts, and so it is a bit away from normal.
  • Cryptos are one among them and a renowned firm that gained traction with diverse revenue streams.
  • We are not “just” a software vendor, we are the software vendor that has more than 15 years of tireless work and six-figure investments in R&D behind our products and solutions.
  • As everyone wants to stay ahead in the fierce competition, the exigency to launch crypto exchange software with market-leading features is growing rapidly.
  • Data exchange with all external systems (payment systems,etc.) proceeds over HTTPS using authentication key and verification of signature on each operation.

Encryption keys and user authentication for transactions prevents data from being publicly accessible. Infuse margin cryptocurrency trading into your existing business to enable a larger pool of investors to participate actively in building a trading ecosystem. Our ultra-modern Crypto Exchange Software enable traders to earn up to 100X returns on their investments and stay protected against market swings. They are very productive, always delivered before deadlines, and there was no communication gap.

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Moreover, it induces all the essential technology-drive attributes that are capable of supporting all the operations with a variety of token assets. Business admin can manage all the services and activities with an illustrative dashboard. Enance is, thus, the right choice for emerging businesses aiming to target the crypto exchange industry and get massive profits. HollaEx is the leading open-source white label exchange software and has a verifiable track record on 🔗GitHub here. The solution is includes the standard hot and cold exchange wallet systems, audit trails, encryption, 2FA, and access management control policies.

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In looking at your operational structure, you will need to figure out what staff you need, how they will work together and what tools they will need to effectively perform their duties. The KYC process and signing a contract with a PSP can take different times according to the respective jurisdictions and licenses. A professional, correctly developed token increases the capitalization of your exchange. Our servers are protected by a high-grade cloud-based DDoS mitigation solution. This prevents disruptions caused by bad traffic, while allowing good traffic through, keeping websites, applications and APIs highly available and performant.

Robust Security

Investments in digital assets can be risky and you may lose your investment. These services include analysis, design, development, QA, and delivery of the systems as well as post-production maintenance and support. To link wallets with the blockchain network if you want your users to be able to access safe wallets through their mobile apps.

Start Your Own White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Today

It usually takes between a few weeks to several months depending on the product scope and complexity. We always have available teams to get started asap and reduce time-to-market as much as possible. With the modular back end architecture, cross-platform front end technology and API middleware solution the platform can scale on the go and be adapted for ever-changing market conditions. Master and sub accounts for digital asset storage with automated configurable harvesting algorithms.