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How to Hire a Blockchain Developer

When you hire a Blockchain Developer from OpenXcell, you are free to choose the desired pricing model depending upon your project’s requirements. The rate starts from $18/hour on an hourly basis, $2,399/month on a monthly basis, and $18,999/year. These rates are the starting rates and will be subject to increase depending upon their experience and experts.

You may find a good fit in eastern European countries like Ukraine, which has recently become a blockchain development haven. Unlike some countries, Ukranians usually have a good command of the English language. Look where you would not look normally, and you might just find the perfect fit. The World Economic Forum expects that by 2027, 10% of global GDP will be stored with blockchain technology.

How to write a Blockchain Developer job description

You can also use them to assess candidates’ communication and problem-solving skills – or even assess whether their expectations align with what you have to offer, thanks to our Motivation test. You can combine those questions with situational or behavioral interview questions to find top applicants. In many cases, the tech hasn’t been used to work on similar projects before. So, your team should be able to get creative and find workarounds for any kind of problems they face. Combine your evaluation of applicants’ hard skills with a thorough look into their references and completed projects. This was a ground-breaking achievement, and it was the first stepping stone toward effectively managing digital transactions in a decentralized way.

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You can also look at their portfolio or code samples if they have any to see how they write code, document their work, and how good their projects are. These sample questions provided here are for interviewing early-experience talents. For more customized assessments for candidates with higher experience, you can contact our team at or request a demo here.

Hire Blockchain Developers/Programmers/Engineers on your Project Development Requirements

In a technical interview, discuss a project and their problem-solving strategies. Some projects may involve multiple blockchains or require interoperability between different frameworks. In such cases, having experience in more than one framework can be beneficial. You can also include project-specific questions to assess a candidate’s knowledge. Use platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to share projects and job openings.

Hire Blockchain coders and get secure data plus value transmission. It decreases the payment processing requests and opens new significant revenue options. We offer Blockchain solutions at the most competitive pricing in the market to never let you go deeper into your pocket or make quality compromises at any stage. Hire a Blockchain developer (or a team) in India from us for a decentralized exchange app that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies peer-to-peer.

Helping fill blockchain developer job vacancies quickly

Their code is called using DELEGATECALL in the context of the calling contract. Creating contracts on Ethereum is basically making a transaction to an empty address, with the contract’s EVM code as data. With every transaction, the sender specifies the amount of gas allocated and gas unit price. There is a gas cost for every code structure when deploying a smart contract.

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Similar to employing remote in-house engineers, companies manage contractors and communicate with them directly. However, hiring contract blockchain developers is a faster and more flexible way to close skill gaps. Organizations don’t have to worry about retirement contributions or benefits packages and make a commitment to integrating engineers into the team as they do with in-house employees. If you want to build something more complex, you should be looking to add blockchain software developers to your in-house team. Here are some websites for listing remote and local blockchain developer jobs.

Why Invest in Blockchain Technology?

Code completion tasks assess a candidate’s understanding of syntax and their ability to write correct and well-formed code. It can help gauge their understanding of fundamental concepts. Choose HackerEarth Assessments for objective, skill-first developer hiring. Pesmel has more than 40 years of experience in delivering solutions that improve material flows and logistics at different types of manufacturing facilities. We focus on serving customers around the world in the pulp and paper, metals and tire manufacturing industries.

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The first widespread implementation was bitcoin, created by Nakamoto and launched in January 2009. Since then, many different applications have received publicity. It is the only block which does not contain a hash referring to a previous block. In many practical solutions, this block is itself hardcoded in software. In a permissionless blockchain, everyone can join and become the part of the consensus process. Mining is the process of adding new blocks onto the blockchain in proof-of-work systems.

Blockchain Wallets Development

They provide long-term commitment and are perfect for projects requiring a committed workforce, continual growth, and maintenance. Developers who work full-time become a key component of your team and help the project improve over time. This structure works well for projects that have heavy workloads, complex specifications, or hire blockchain programmer call for ongoing upgrades and enhancements. Look for candidates with proficiency in blockchain development languages such as Solidity, Go, or Rust. Focus on the concepts that are fundamental to blockchain security. For example, the understanding of cryptographic principles, including encryption, digital signatures, and hashing.

  • Employers in need of proficient Blockchain Developers benefit from the peace of mind provided by the Cryptrain unique screening process.
  • We assist entrepreneurs in leading the way towards the future of finance by delivering blockchain technology for DeFi protocols to improve people’s lives and the group’s growth.
  • With our coders, you can get the best application that protects the intellectual property (IP) of a project.
  • Tech companies use staff augmentation services when they have projects with limited planning horizons or need to move quickly to keep up with product demand and reduce technical debt.
  • Consider the local IT environment, specialist areas, cost of living, and salary expectations when hiring in certain places.
  • I’m a web3 developer with 1 years of professional experience based in Accra,Ghana.
  • Hire HyperLedger and multichain developers to allow businesses to optimize your complex business process.

She already has big experience with dApps creation where most of them were built using Ethereum (public or private network). Belma is a great team player and takes time understanding projects and delivering them in the best way. You might need blockchain developers who have industry-specific knowledge depending on your project or business. For example, healthcare projects may require familiarity with healthcare regulations, while financial projects might need expertise in fintech and compliance. Three competency levels are used to ensure our clients hire blockchain developer talent that matches up to the specific job requirements.

Web 3.0 specific coding languages and more detailed screening

Our Remote Blockchain Developers are well-versed in all aspects of development, operations, and process management. Strike up conversations and ask developers to take part in a smaller project or to help you with a specific task. In this way, you can start working with top freelance developers and eventually have the opportunity to contract them as a full-time employee.