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Configuring Product Specification Attributes for Pricing Components

The interfaces or user flow is simple, without many state or component changes. For instance, a UX designer working on a data-visualization page might need to annotate how the view of a pie chart would change when users hover over it or click a part of it. Elements were configured for the attribute in the template file, only those values are supported. When you create pricing components in PDC, the UI validates the values against the configuration template file. For example, a functional requirement may state a user will be able to upload videos using the user interface.

component specification meaning

This implies that if the reference has multiple cardinality, then the methods may be called multiple times. The updated method can be called multiple times per service. A new service will be registered each time a new component configuration is created and activated with the newInstancemethod. This allows a bundle other than the one creating the component configuration to utilize the service.

Application Service

The ServiceComponentRuntime service represents the Declarative Services actor, known as Service Component Runtime , that manages the service components and their life cycle. The ServiceComponentRuntimeservice allows introspection of the components managed by Service Component Runtime. When the component is registered as a service, it must be registered as a bundle scope service but only a single instance of the component must be used for all bundles using the service.

component specification meaning

The order within the array is the order that must be used for the XML. However, the annotations do not support interleaving of the generated factory-property and factory-properties elements. At runtime, SCR reads the entry to obtain the factory properties and their values. The factory-properties element attributes are defined in the following table. If the value attribute is specified, the body of the element is ignored.

How to Write Software Requirement Specification

If not specified, the default is false if the factory()property is specified or the service() property is not specified or specified with a non-empty value and true otherwise. Declares whether this Component must be immediately activated upon becoming satisfied or whether activation should be delayed. The annotated class is the implementation class of the Component. RequireServiceComponentRuntime – This annotation can be used to require the Service Component Runtime to process Declarative Services components. Modified – Identify the annotated method as the modified method of a Service Component. Annotated classes are processed by tools to generate Component Descriptions which are used at runtime.

  • Component – Identify the annotated class as a Service Component.
  • Web APIs may adhere to resource exchange principles based on a Remote Procedure Call or RPC.
  • IllegalStateException– If the component instance that received this ComponentServiceObjects object has been deactivated.
  • Database APIs enable communication between an application and a database management system.

SCR must have ServicePermission permission to register the ServiceComponentRuntime service. Administrative bundles wishing to use the ServiceComponentRuntime service must have ServicePermission permission. In general, this permission should only be granted to administrative bundles to limit access to the potentially intrusive methods provided by this service.

The Rise of Specification Management

The name of the interface that this service is registered under. The specified Java class should be an interface rather than a class, however specifying a class is supported. The component implementation class must implement all the specified service interfaces.

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If there is an unbind method name, the component must contain a method with that name. If there is an updated method name, the component must contain a method with that name. If there is a bind method name, the component must contain a method with that name. If specified and this reference annotates a method, the specified name must match the name of the annotated method.

Summary of Application Layer Components

If a method has more than one component property type parameter, the component property types are processed in the order of the method parameters. The fields are processed in lexicographical order, using String.compareTo, of the field names. The component property types used as parameters to the constructor. The ExportedService component property type can be used to specify service properties for remote services. The Component Annotations are build time annotations because one of the key aspects of Declarative Services is its laziness. SCR can easily read the component description XML from the bundle, preprocess it, and cache the results between framework invocations.

component specification meaning

If the bound service has prototype service scope, then each instance of the component with this reference can receive a unique instance of the service. If the bound service does not have prototype service scope, then this reference scope behaves the same as BUNDLE. The greedy policy option is a valid policy option for both static and dynamic reference policies. When a new target service for a reference becomes available, references having the greedy policy option will bind the new target service. Annotated method – The name of the updated method is created from the name of the annotated method. If the name of the annotated method begins with bind, set or add, that prefix is replaced with updated to create the name candidate for the updated method.

6 Component Properties

The policy-option attribute of the reference element of a Component Description. When the annotation is applied to a field, the field will contain the bound service of the reference. This field option can only be used when the field reference has dynamic policy and multiple cardinality. The configuration-pid attribute of the component element of a Component Description. The configuration-policy attribute of the component element of a Component Description.

component specification meaning

A functional specification may also contain formal descriptions of user tasks, dependencies on other products and usability criteria. Many companies have guides for developers that describe what topics any product’s functional specification should contain. External stakeholders, such as suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors use the specifications they’re given as a production map, guiding them to deliver what is asked with quality and precision. Just as the product must adhere to the requirements of standards organizations, the supply chain must adhere to design specifications.

What Is a Software Requirement Specification?

The name of a method in the component implementation class that is used to notify that a service is bound to the component configuration. For static references, this method is only called before the activatemethod. For dynamic references, this method can also be called while the component configuration is active. Fully qualified name of the class that is used by the component to access the service. The service provided to the component must be type compatible with this class.